Wellness is Wonderful


Breathwork dates back hundreds of years and originates in Indian and Indigenous cultures. There are endless styles of Breathwork designed to calm, energize and cleanse the body. Science has proven many different benefits to Breathwork such as improved circulation and lowered inflammation in the body. Breathwork can help to remove old stagnant energy and styles such as 'Pursed Lip Breathing' strengthen the respiratory system. The benefits are countless. Let us know if you would like to be on our mailing list for upcoming classes, or email us if you would like to book a customized virtual Breathwork session with Lisa. Tilu.imagetailor@gmail.com


Acupressure, otherwise known as "Shiatsu", is an ancient Chinese practice used to stimulate the Energy Meridian Systems of the human body. Lisa Uses a combination of relaxation techniques, breath work, acupressure , massage and intuition to create a 75 minute anti-aging treatment that can rebalance and restore your Chi. Daily life, stress and trauma can create energy blockages throughout the meridians. Acupressure helps with these issues by improving circulation, draining the lymphatic system and lessening inflammation in the body. Most importantly, this valuable service restores our overall Chi "qi" or "life Energy". When the body is relaxed the mind is able to slip into a parasympathetic state which promotes mental healing and emotional wellness. When Chi can flow freely through the body without blockages, it can improve our sleep, anxiety, and depression. This process does not involve the use of needles however does have benefits similar to acupuncture. Book your consultation or appointment with Lisa via email! Acupressure services available: ~ Full body Acupressure treatment 45 Minutes ~ Full body and Cosmetic Acupressure 60 minutes What to Expect: Clients can arrive wearing comfortable yet fitting clothes like yoga pants and a fitted T-shirt. Lisa works through a series of Acupressure points from head to toe in a relaxing way to promote overall health and restore Chi in the Body.

Wellness for Hairstylists

Hello Hairstylists! I'm so Excited to be able to share my NEW wellness program specifically tailored to YOU! Overcoming many challenges over the last 16 years in hairstyling has helped me create a workshop to prevent breakdown and burnout for other hairstylists of every age. I have so many tools and tips to anchor anxiety, prevent career-ending aches and pains and create a calmer, more peaceful life work environment. For more about this wellness workshop for Hairstylists called BUSY ISSUES, please Visit the 'Education' tab.


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